About Hennie Bosman

How it all started, Hennie was bullied as a child and his mother read about Karate in the Reader’s Digest.
When the first Karate school opened in Bellville he was sent to learn how to defend himself.
Hennie is 1.97m / 6ft6 and weighs 120kg / 260 lb and is married to Hayley, they have two sons Henry and Alistaire.



Hennie Bosman is a movie stunt fighter who:

As a 9 year old, started training in karate in 1965.
Won the world senior Karate championship in Osaka, Japan in 2001.
Is currently chairman of Kyokushinkan Africa with more than 30 000 members in 10 countries.
Acts as sensai to 1000 students in 35 Cape Town based schools.
Has represented South Africa in Traditional Karate, kickboxing and knockdown Karate.
Has been multiple national chapion in Kata (form) and Kumute (fighting).
Has visited Japan on more than 40 occasions as competitor and coach for the national team and to train in the art of Karate.
Currently holds the rank of 7th Dan.
Is one of the highest graded westerners in the Karate world.
Is the first westerner to be asked to do a demonstration at the Japanese national tournament.
Is the first westerner to be invited by Mugai-Ryu to visit Japan to train in the Japanese lai method of fighting (traditional Japanese sword fighting).
Also studies lai do (sword striking), Ikken (energy training) and Ura waza (opponents joint control).


General Interests:

He has successfully raced standard, modified and sports cars for 15 years.
He is a single handicap golfer and takes part in long driving competitions.
He is also a keen rugby player, field athlete and boxer.


International Films:

2012 – ZULU International movie vir Olando Bloom and Forrest.
2012 – Mankind as Viking Leader.
2011 – Agent Vinod as Business Man
2011 – Strike Back 2 as Igor.
2010 – Death Race 2 as Zander O’Grady.
2009 – Lost Boys 3, Plays Kirk O’Dale Vampire (director – Dario Piana)
2008 – Invictus – Starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Diamon, directed by Clint Eastwood. Plays part of Racist Rugby coach.
2008 – Scorpion King – Plays teacher of Young Scorpion.
2007 – Drona (with Priyanka Chopra and Abishek Bachman) – plays a mad axe man (filming)
2007 – Doomsday (with Rhona Mitra) – plays the gladiator Telamon, who serves the warlord Kane. Hennie fights with the leading lady in a final fight scene in the gladiator’s pit (post production).

2007 – Gallowalker (with Wesley Snipes and Patrick Bergen)
Plays executioner and shares screen credits with Dallas Page for Skull Bucket. Hennie plays one of the undead that comes back to seek vengence from his killer (post production).
2007 – Purple Cloud – details still to be confirmed (post production).
2006 – Super Nova – Hennie plays an angry motorist.
2006 – The Avenger (with Sam Elliot) – Hennie plays a bodyguard.
2006 – The Marksman (with Wesley Snipes) – Hennie plays a Chetchian rebel leader guardian a captured Russian nuclear power station. Snipes and his men are the heroes that need to save the building.
2005 – The Ring – Hennie doubled for Rolf Muller in fight scenes.
2004 – Wake of Death (with Jean-Claude Van Damme) – an action film about the Chinese Mafia. Hennie was the leaders bodyguard and assassin.



International TV Series

2005 – Charlie Jade (Canadian TV series) – played the part of a bodyguard and was given the nickname “Tinkerbell ” as he made Mike Tyson look like Tinkerbell.

Local Films

2006 – Number Ten (with Colin Moss and Mandoza) – Hennie plays a fighter who gets tangled in a bar room brawl.

Local TV Series

2006 – Orion (MNET TV series) – Hennie plays a serial killer, Bushy Schlebush.
2006 – Isidingo (SABC 3 TV series) – Hennie plays a fight club fighter named Nick.
2007 – Malan and Kie (SABC 2 TV series) – Hennie plays a bodyguard named Tiny.
Projects in the Pipeline: Scorched – Hennie plays the lead role of a super-soldier.

International Commercials (Featured Actor)

2008 – Topfield (Finland) – plays a soccer referee on both TV and print campaign.
2008 – KFC (Poland) – plays the main player.
2007 – Telecommunications (Ireland) – plays a Karate instructor.
2006 – Bavaria Beer (Holland) – plays the barman.
2006 – M&M (USA) – plays a slave driver on a slave ship.

Local Commercials (Featured Actor)

2004 – Sasol SA Rugby (South Africa) – plays a mean rugby player.
2008 – Spur South Africa – plays the mean man in the waiting room.