Day Camp Letter (International May Camp 2019)




8th April 2019


Dear Karateka





I would like to invite all Pre-Primary and younger karateka (Grade 1 to Grade 3 ) to attend our Karate Camp at Oppisee Cultural Centre, MELKBOSSTRAND   on SATURDAY 11th MAY 2019   from  9h00 – 16h00.     If your child is a bit older and not ready to sleep out, that will be fine too. The idea is to make the camp an enjoyable and informative experience.

They will train with one of the Japanese instructors who will sign the back of their Dogi (uniform).


Please note that the fee, to be paid in advance is R250,00 for the day.   This will include lunch, cooldrinks and fruit. Please book as soon as possible as place is limited.


All karateka should report at the campsite on Saturday 11th of MAY 2019 at 9h00 and be fetched at 16h00.    The campsite is on the Cape Town side of Melkbosstrand and can be found via Google Maps or other navigation systems.


PLEASE BRING THE FOLLOWING:  Karate-gi, running shoes, tracksuit, clothes and eating utensils (knife, forks, spoon, coffee mug and a hollow plate – neatly marked).


PLEASE PAY CAMP FEES INTO:   KYOKUSHIN-KAN HOLDINGS, Absa Cheque Account Nr. 4061885831.  Branch Code 632005.    Ref:  Child’s name /dojo where he/she trains and email proof of payment to




Karate Greetings




HENNIE BOSMAN – 8th DAN                                                          

INTERNATIONAL CHAIRMAN KYOKUSHIN-KAN                                    





NAME& SURNAME:  ___________________________________________________________


DOJO:  ____________________________ RANK: __________________ DAN: _______



Tel(h): _____________________ Tel(w) _____________________ Cell: __________________


PROVINCE/COUNTRY _________________________________________________________


  1. I, the abovementioned, hereby apply to attend the Kyokushinkan karate camp on Saturday 11th May 2019 with Shihan Hennie Bosman at Oppisee Cultural Centre, MELKBOSSTRAND.
  2. I hereby acknowledge that I shall have no claim against anybody for any physical injury sustained during the abovementioned while attending this camp.



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