Dear Parents and Karateka                                                                                                                            24th July 2019


RE:  KARATE CAMP FROM   18 – 20  


I would like to use this opportunity to inform you timeously about our camp from Friday the 18th October to Sunday the 20th of October 2019 at Okkie Jooste Camp site, STELLENBOSCH.


We hope to have our current black belts and higher grades attending the camp. As we have a big facility, we can also accommodate junior Karateka from 10 years old to attend this camp.   Younger children will receive a separate letter to attend the Saturday Day camp.   All karateka should report at the campsite (NO BUSSES) on Friday at 18h00 and must be fetched on Sunday from 10h00. Many parents prefer to take their children themselves and the camp is at a beautiful venue.  A map will be available to Karateka attending the camp.


The original reason for hosting the camp is to prepare the karateka grading for brown and black belts. A lot of effort will go into preparing them for the grading and each student will receive a report on what he or she needs to improve on to be prepared for the grading. We would like to urge all light and dark green belts to attend so that we can prepare them for their grading. On Saturday evening we will have a kata tournament where all the students can take part. We will give medals to the best students as well.


The pre-grading will take place at the campsite for Karateka grading for brown and black belts on Sunday from 10h00 – 12h00.   Karateka who do not attend this camp will NOT be allowed to grade on 30th NOVEMBER 2019. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE!!!!


We will sleep in proper sleeping quarters with two halls that we can use for training, in case of bad weather.  No boys will be allowed in the girl’s sleeping quarters and vice versa. Children of a similar age will be put into the same sleeping quarters.  Parents will be contacted immediately to fetch their son/daughter if he/she does not behave.  NO CELLULAR PHONES are allowed on the camp.  Children must please leave valuables like watches and Cell phones at home.   In case of emergency you can contact Shihan Hennie at 083 626 7878 or Ohna Bodkin 0711 587680.


WHAT KARATEKA MUST BRING WITH:  Karate-gi, running shoes, tracksuit, towel, t-shirts, warm clothes for later in the evening, pyjamas, underwear, socks, sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries and eating utensils (KNIFE, FORK, SPOON, DISH CLOTH, COFFEE MUG AND A HOLLOW PLATE to be used both for breakfast and other meals).  It still happens frequently that Karateka come to camp without the above.  Please mark all clothes and utensils.  There will be a kiosk but please do not bring more that R50,00 spending money.


The cost of the camp is R550.00 (for Karateka who are going to grade for Brown and Black belt) and R500 for Green belt and lower.   Please complete and return the attached slip with the camp fee to your instructor at the dojo, as soon as possible as there is limited place available. We do need time to plan the camp to facilitate for karateka of all levels that are present. It will be on a first come first serve basis. I will give a R25 discount if camp fees are paid before 10th of August. If you pay and register after 11th October there will be a R25 penalty.


Banking detail:  KYOKUSHINKAN HOLDINGS, Absa Cheque Account No. 4061885831.  Branch Code 632005.  Ref:  Child’s name/dojo where he/she trains and email proof to:  hbosman@icon.co.za

Karate Greetings                                                                                     








NAME& SURNAME :  ___________________________________________      CELL NO:  ___­­­­­­­­­­­______ __________­­­­


DOJO ___________________________________              CURRENT KYU   ______________


  • I, the undersigned hereby apply to attend the camp at Okkie Jooste Camp Site, STELLENBOSCH from

from 18 – 20  OCTOBER 2019

  • I hereby acknowledge that I shall have no claim against anybody for any physical injury sustained while attending the abovementioned camp.


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